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Why choose Supawood?

Why specify generically and run the risk of being forced to compromise on quality or miss your deadlines?

Supawood wall and ceiling panel systems are the proven results of experience gained over more than 1000 successful projects – both large and small.

Specifying Supawood gives the architect and their client a totally pre-determined and predictable result. You get exactly what you expect with a Supawood specification – no let downs!

A Supawood specification covers quality of finish, edge or return details, access requirements, provision for services, acoustic, fire retardancy & moisture resistant needs plus more – all backed up with full concept and site installation drawings.

The Supawood range meets every price bracket, each product is engineered for the specifics of the application. Remove the risk of incurring unwanted costs when specifying generically by specifying Supawood – play it safe!

Advantages of the Supawood Custom Panel System:

  • Easy to specify – our standard range of joint options, perforation and slotting patterns, finishes & standard specification wording in word format make specifying Supawood panels a quick and simple process.
  • Predictability – you know exactly what you are going to get. Standard specification wording, shop drawings and pre-finished Supawood panels mean a controllable and pre-determined panel appearance and finish quality.
  • Shop drawing, fixing options & design solutions – included in the Supawood service is the supply of shop drawings, fixing options and solutions for details such as door and window reveals, corner junctions, cut outs, access panels and the like.
  • On-site quality control – Supawood service includes on-site visits to ensure the Supawood panels are installed according to our recommendations and quality standards.
  • Range of finishes – Supawood offers you a large range of finishes – timber, colour & fabric effects. Solid colour, metallic & pearl finishes are available.
  • Superior acoustics – Supacoustic panels with our IAT (integrated acoustic textile) ensure consistent acoustic performance. The IAT also acts as a barrier to dust and objects passing through the panel. Our comprehensive range of test results include data for both IAT and bulk insulation, whichever is preferred.
  • Concealed Fixing – Supawood panels have no unsightly screws, nails or filled holes.
  • Removability & replaceability of panels – depending on the fixing system selected, Supawood panels are easily removed for access or if a replacement panel is required. Our quality assurance management system ensures replacement panels match old ones as closely as possible.
  • Low maintenance – Supawood panels will not have to be refinished for the life of the panels for most applications. Supawood panels can also be easily cleaned easily with mild household detergents without damaging the panel.
  • Durability – Supawood offers you a durability of finish and substrate to match your application. Supawood panels are also back sealed and edge sealed when required to prevent moisture absorption and warping of the panel.
  • Cost effectiveness – due to the Supawood combination of highly specialised manufacturing methods, easy fixing systems and experienced installers, Supawood can offer you the most cost effective lining solution for the look you want!

Latest News
19th January 2018

Supawood SUPALINE decorative panels have been used in the multi-million dollar ambience upgrade of the iconic shopping hub in Hobart, Tasmania. The Cat & Fiddle Arcade has undergone massive refurbishment to attract new upmarket national retailers while remaining sensitive to and incorporating historical elements into the concept.



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