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New Metalicon Products landing at Orgatec and DHC

20th October 2016

With only a few days left before Orgatec 2016 starts, we are putting the finishing touches to our new products for the show in Germany and for DHC, our London-based design hub.

A key focus for us going forward in to 2017 are steel pedestals. Our cube steel pedestal range has been a huge success, so we have been busy creating a new range that will allow businesses to complement their office spaces with company or department coloured handles. Adding a touch of personalisation to an employees workspace.

Pedestals are supplied with white handles as standard, or upgrade to one of 6 stock colours or over 200+ RAL K5 classic colour finishes. Ideal for departmental demarcation or corporate colours.

Our new 'Spectrum' steel pedestal, pictured at DHC with our matching Versatrack screen and Formetiq chair.
Our new ‘Spectrum’ steel pedestal, pictured at DHC with our matching Versatrack screen and Formetiq chair.

As pictured above, monitor arms are at the core of our business. Our monitor arms can hold up to four screens at a time, supporting up to 20kg of weight whilst maintaining screen positions, with no drooping or sagging.

But what about your actual CPU?

Thanks to advances in technology over the past 5 years, micro computers are now commonplace in the office, with the adoption of smaller, more manageable space-saving devices such as the Mac Mini, ChromeBook and other popular Windows OS-based offerings from the likes of Dell and Lenovo proving very popular and cost-effective for large and small businesses. Large CPUs are a thing of the past.

Therefore, we have designed a brand new micro CPU attachment, and we are calling it: ‘C7’.

The C7 is designed to fit ANY gas or pole-mounted monitor arm, cleverly hiding behind your monitor, maximising space, minimising cable clutter and offering up those all-important USB and audio jack slots in a much easier to reach area. It can even be attached to any surface with the supplied kit.

The new C7 micro CPU holder from Metalicon.

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