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NEW Metalicon Product Dropping at DHC

20th December 2016

Metalicon have had huge success with our vertical cable manager, with its futuristic vertebral design that looks more like something from ‘The Matrix’ than just another mundane office accessory.

Yet for those that seek something a little more understated, we have created an all new vertical cable manager that is extremely low-profile and very easy to use.

With its mesh fabric construction, the VCS2 can be condensed down to a very small package, drastically reducing shipping costs by saving valuable packaging space. The whole item can be folded down to fit in your pocket.

Dual zips run the length of the mesh wrap, which allows for the easiest way to add or remove cables that we have ever come accross.

The weighted anchor gives the mesh fabric and solid base and stops the product from riding up the length of the cables.

The new VCS2 is available to sample immediately by visiting Design Hub Clerkenwell at 47 Gee Street, London, or by calling us on 01502 533444. You can also visit and request a quote now via our new website.