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Light the way with Integrated LED Lighting from Supawood

21st December 2017

Allowing for effective lighting in a design is a very important consideration, but finding new dynamic ways to integrate it with other architectural elements can prove challenging.

To help designers overcome this, SUPAWOOD have developed an option for their pre-finished lining systems that includes the customised integration of LED lighting. This flexible option allows for LED strip lighting to be neatly integrated into the beam or slat and then supplied as a complete pre-finished unit.

These beam and slat products can be manipulated in various directions, which means they can twist, curve and turn. They can be joined at different angles to suddenly change direction. Long spans up to 5m are also possible.

The LED light strips are available in a choice of cool or warm white and three different levels of brightness. They are also supplied with a diffuser to maintain a continuous beam of light.

These products are a great option for any area where effective illumination is required, and it is also possible to highlight a demarcated zone by uplighting the returns to a panelled area. They offer the flexibility to literally light the way throughout a project and to create a seamless flow to and from key areas.

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