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Cubes in Clerkenwell

12th May 2017

Following a fantastic event last year, we’re excited to announce the showcasing of our Cube acoustic meeting booths around the streets of Clerkenwell at this year’s festival.

A total of four Cubes will be situated at three locations within the heart of the festival;

» Brewhouse Yard, EC1V 4DG
» Great Sutton Street, EC1V 0DG
» Design Hub Clerkenwell, 47 Gee Street, EC1V 3RS

Cube pods provide a welcoming retreat from the buzz of the open-plan workspace, and these three concept models designed specifically for Clerkernwell Design Week showcase just how unique the design of each Cube can truly be…

“The Steel” – The first of our Cubes at CDW 2017 will help makeup Brewhouse Yard – one of this year’s hotspots. It has an industrial appeal and features a magnetic steel shell.


“The Paint” – The second of our Cubes at Brewhouse Yard is truly one-of-a-kind. To match the bright and colourful interior, the carcass will be spray painted with custom graphics by a professional street artist.


“The Grass” – The home to our third Cube at this year’s festival is Great Sutton Street. A grass-covered chill-out Cube – something we’ve surprisingly not been asked to design before.


“The Norm” – Our fourth and final Cube will be stationed at our showroom, Design Hub Clerkenwell – as will our full range of flexible space and acoustic comfort products.


We hope to see you at CDW 2017.