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Contactless payment coffee machines from Caffia

19th January 2018

The new contactless payment coffee machines by Caffia take credit cards, debit cards and smart cards for making secure and handy payments for your daily flat white, cappuccino or caffe latte.

Working with Nayax technology, we have been able to place contactless payment reader devices on our coffee machines, enabling the consumer to purchase their coffee far more easily and quickly.

These automatic coffee machines offer awesome self-service high quality flat white, cappuccino and espresso from fresh coffee beans and fresh milk.

The trend for contactless payment on coffee machines is set to grow even more in 2018 and we look forward to informing you of more coffee machines as time goes on; it is likely that companies like La Cimbali and Bravilor will become players in this market with machines like the mighty Cimbali S30 or the Bravilor Esprecious.

Cash sales in vending machines used to make up around 60% of sales in 2005, but this has dropped to around 45% in 2016. Additionally fraud tends to be lower on contactless payment devices when compared to traditional cash payment machines.

Convenience and great coffee for the end-user and operator are the desired result!

Less cash handling and counting, higher coffee sales and happier customers.

The Jura Contactless Payment Module is a compact box which has built-in MDB interface that can be adapted to the user’s needs, allowing them to pay for speciality coffees by credit card.¬† It is compatible with all Jura Giga professional coffee machines. Messages relating to contactless payment are shown on the Giga coffee machine’s display.

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