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12th May 2017

Following a fantastic event last year, we’re excited to announce the showcasing of our Cube acoustic meeting booths around the streets of Clerkenwell at this year’s festival.

20th February 2017

Dwight Bailey, Workspace Solutions Director

DAB-london-blog(1)Having worked with London design and build and architect practices for the past 14yrs, Dwight is passionate about interior spaces.

He applies his experience and knowledge, utilising Creatif resource, to assist customers in making acoustically comfortable and flexible spaces.

T +44 (0) 7584.102.258


Jim Duncan-Hannah, Workspace Solutions Manager

London based and with 20yrs experience, Jim is on-hand to discuss projects and has the knowledge to provide solutions that make spaces work – both acoustically and flexibly.

Contact Jim to arrange a visit to our London showroom, to talk about a project or just to learn more about our solutions.

T +44 (0) 7469.206.277


Tamar Bailey, Workspace Solutions Executive

Based in our Leeds office, Tamar provides support to customers by way of quotes, technical input and managing projects from design stages through to implementation.

Tamar understands our customers and applies diligence to providing them with what they need at every step of the way.

T +44 (0) 113.387.7310


19th January 2017

Our first seminar of 2017 – “Sound… It’s all around you” – takes place in a couple of weeks…

Seminar date: 31st January 2017
Seminar venue: Design Hub Clerkenwell, 47 Gee Street, London, EC1V 3RS

“Here at Creatif we beileve a workspace should sound as good as it looks. Unfortunately due to the complicated nature of ‘workspace acoustics’ as a subject, this is not always the case. With this in mind we have carefully crafted an interactive, educational presentation which aims to simplify the complexity surrounding acoustics, bust the jargon and help you to understand some of the most important things to consider when it comes to acoustic design.”


For more information, or to register for your FREE ticket, please visit our website.

20th December 2016

All of our Creations start life as a flat sheet of 65% recycled plastic material – called Whisper. With the help of our expert Design team, that flat sheet can be cut and built into almost any free-standing or wall/ceiling hung three-dimensional object.

These objects are an effective acoustic absorber – reducing unwanted noise and reverberation from a space.

Got an idea for a Creation of your own? If you produce a design, Creatif proceed to manufacture it and the object gets implemented, this Creation will be named after you as the designer of the item.

Take a look at our Creations Christmas tree video below:

Click here to find out more.


18th October 2016

In today’s age of open-plan, collaborative and co-working space, creating acoustically effective space is more of a challenge than ever before.

Whilst there are effective ways of dealing with the issue of unwanted noise and creating acoustically comfortable spaces, creating an environment that actually preserves speech privacy is another challenge. The most effective medium for this is Sound Masking.

In early November Creatif will be launching an innovative, effective and efficient Sound Masking solution that completes our range of acoustic solutions. Sound Masking from Creatif will provide privacy in space where confidentiality, extra productivity and/or increased acoustic comfort is needed.

How does Sound Masking work?

Sound Masking is the process of adding to an environment a low level of unobtrusive background sound, which is engineered to protect confidentiality and reduce distractions by lowering the intelligibility of speech. This in turn makes the acoustical environment more comfortable.

Whilst it may seem reverse logic, adding sound to a space actually makes the space feel quieter. It sounds counter-intuitive but it’s true. Imagine looking up at the stars…


The stars shine brightly against the night sky. As dawn breaks, the stars appear to dim as the ambient light increases. The intensity of the starlight has not changed, but rather as the ambient light increases, it becomes more difficult to discern the light from the stars.

This works the same for human speech. As the ambient sound in the room increases, it become more challenging to discern an individual’s conversation from across the room. This inability to understand the conversation reduces distractions and increases the speaker’s speech privacy.

Likewise, implementing Sound Masking into and outside of boardrooms, meeting spaces and other areas required for confidential content creates an inability for occupiers outside the rooms to hear the sound within the rooms. Even in environments where flanking paths are present (these are always an acoustic weakness as allow the transfer of sound from room to room unhindered) Sound Masking is also very effective because transferred sound cannot penetrate the Sound Masking blanket.

In summary, Sound Masking is the most effective solution available for creating an environment that increases acoustic comfort and protects privacy.

To be the first to receive further information from Creatif on our unique Sound Masking proposition, please click here and we will be in touch.