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Arrow Group annual strategy meeting held at DHC

11th January 2017

Fast becoming an Arrow Group tradition at DHC, we all converged on our London showroom this week for our Arrow Group annual strategy meeting.

DHC proved (yet again) to be a superb place to host our gathering, with a large open space to demonstrate products and see what was new. Our product design and engineering team often have new prototypes to show us, so it was the perfect opportunity for sales and marketing staff in particular to see what’s coming in 2017. We cant wait to bring these products to market.

The large glass-walled meeting room with its sliding panels offered up a great place to have a focused round-table meeting where everyone could be heard. The moveable glass panels allow you to write notes on them and the light backdrop ensures the writing pops.

The passion, determination, hard work and care for our products and services is there to be seen and heard from all our staff. A huge show of thanks to everyone involved, including showroom manageress Hayley-Jayne Purcell for looking after everyone so well.

Design Hub Clerkenwell really is a superb venue for company meetings, seminars, keynotes and talks. Get in touch with us now on 020 3620 5151 to book it today.