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Are you asking the question?

21st February 2017

If you don’t ask, you don’t get.

Fact 1: Over 80% of office staff still use a PC tower or boxed CPU rather than a laptop.

Fact 2: Over 80% of office furniture sellers are not offering CPU holders as part of their work position proposals.

If you are not telling your client about CPU holders, you are missing out on sales. Don’t let IT companies take your business. All too often we see CPUs end up on the floor (dust, high risk of damage from staff and cleaners) or on the desk (waste of desk space) or even in the cable tray (danger from desktop drink spillages).

Always offer not only monitor arms but CPU holders too for maximum value.

Metalicon have just updated and relaunched their whole CPU holder range including key new items to suit the latest CPU styles and sizes.


• Fits directly to Kardo arm
• Easy adjustment with quick-release clamp
• 360º rotation for easy positioning
• Ideal for mini/micro CPUs
• Fully adjustable for different CPU sizes
• Can be fitted to pole or arm
• Allows easy access to ports
• Can also be fixed to any part of the desk


• Suitable for use with C2, C3 & C4 CPU holders
• Fits to any desk (beam spacers included)
• Easy to use slide and turn mechanism
• Available in white, black and silver
• Mechanism locks in place to prevent unwanted movement

Take a look at the rest of our CPU Holder range and get a tailored quote specific to your customer’s needs at our new website or come and see us at 47 Gee Street, London where you can see and try out all our latest products.