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5 reasons why dark furniture in the office is so popular

18th July 2016

Metalicon steel pedestals are now available in black, by popular demand. Scandinavian-style Apple-white isnt always the best choice for your office or commercial space. So here are 5 reasons why darker colours have a place in the office:

  1. Psychologically, darker colours and black indicate authority, power and control.
  2. Darker colours can be seen as sophisticated, dignified and serious.
  3. They offer a great contrast to lighter colours and make them ‘pop’, darker colours provide rigidity and form to an open space.
  4. Its formal and durable. Things like dirt, dust, stains and scuffs are unavoidable in the workspace. In a busy office environment there are bound to be accidents and general wear and tear. Darker, neutral colours help to mask this and will help keep a space looking clean and fresh. Ever wondered why hotel carpets are always dark?
  5. A lot of things in your office are probably black already! Power cables, monitors, your mouse, your chair? Accent this with darker furniture objects for fluidity and avoid making a feature out of those pesky cables.

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