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Managing Director of Creatif

Dwight Bailey

I am passionate about creating workspace that is not only flexible but acoustically intelligent too. Evidence-based research has proved that, in today’s modern world of agile/activity-based working, flexibility in the workspace drives staff productivity. With added flexibility comes the issue of greater revereberated sound – so my interests lie in building a team of people here at Creatif – a team of designers, engineers, project consultants, and project managers all helping to make flexible and acoustically comfortable space a reality.

I get a real buzz out of seeing yet another delighted client, and seeing how our team has so expertly used moving walls and acoustic products to solve what might have seemed an insurmountable problem.

I count it a privilege to work with so many passionate staff, in a market that is thriving with opportunity and in a business that has absolutely no shortage of ideas for the next innovation that is going to benefit so many in so many ways. What is better than that is seeing our ideas come to life, and feeling the tangible improvements Creatif’s solutions bring to lives.

With that in mind, I measure Creatif’s success by our customers’ assessments of our products, solutions and service, not just my own, and I find it so important to keep in touch with customers wherever and whenever I can. That way, we can move quickly to adapt to clients’ needs, whatever they may be.

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